Thrive Organics Cocopeat 5 Liters


• Increases the porosity of the soil, good water retention, keep the soil loose and airy
• High in organic matter and organic carbon
• Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth due to its anti-fungal properties, protecting plants against disease and decay.
• Light and provides good aeration for root development
• Increase cation exchange capacity
• Ideal pH value of 5.8 – 6.8 (slightly alkaline) for compost to release nutrients, no need to use neutralizing products


• For potting – you can mix with soil 50/50 up to 100% cocopeat
• For germination – put cocopeat on seedling tray or box. Wet coco peat first before putting the seeds.
• For hydroponics growing media – place in net cups submerge in nutrient solution.


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