Thrive Organics Lalagrow Foliar Spray 250ml


LALAGROW is a special nutrient supplement designed to be applied directly to the leaves of a plant. Its beneficial nutrients absorbed through stomata (plant pores) are more efficient than through roots uptake and improves resistance to pests and fungi. Not only are foliar fertilizers good for general fertilization, but it’s an immediate way to revive and stimulate your stressed, tired or diseased plants through a quick boost with periodic mists or sprays. Ideal for fruits and vegetables.

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Foliar Feeding Facts:
• Tests shown that foliar feeding can be 8-10X more effective than traditional soil feeding.
• Up to 90% of LALAGROW can be found in plant’s roots within 1-hour of application.
• Foliar supplements are an effective way to compensate for soil deficiencies, poor soil’s inability to transfer nutrients to the plant.

Ingredients: Coco Vinegar, Beneficial Microbes, Crude Sugar, Seaweed Extract

HOW TO USE:* Spray 2 to 3 mists directly to the plant’s leaves (top and back). Apply 1 to 2 times during the day.


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Foliar Spray

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